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Cotton Candy Gallery

Full Size Bags of Cotton Candy - Choice of 2 OR 3 Flavours of Cotton Candy Per Bag! 

Valentines Mini Bags Are Available for Pre Order! 

These are $1.50 each, 1 Flavour per Bag

Pre Order for Pick up closer to Valentines Day! 

Mini Bags - Up to 2 Flavours of Cotton Candy Per Bag. Add a Custom Label or Mini Stick 

3 Bag Styles to Choose From: Clear, Clear with White Stars, Clear with Gold Stars

Cotton Candy Tub of Love is now Available! 

Celebrate your Valentine's with this cute Valentine theme tub of Cotton Candy!

Available to Order Online! 

16 Oz. Tubs Available Regular or with Added Cotton Candy Cut Out - Cut Out is made with Cotton Candy.

Add a Custom label to Personalize your Tub! 

Great for Birthdays, Weddings & Corporate Events! 1 Flavour Per Tub.

Mini Mini Bags with Added Mini Stick and Custom Labels

These are Perfect for Wedding / Shower / Sweet 16 / Corporate Hand Out Favours. 

Cone Bags - Up to 2 Flavours of Cotton Candy Per Bag! Great for Unicorn Themed Parties! 

Cotton Candy Cakes

Choose Your Own Custom Flavours - 5 Layer Cakes - $25

Add a Birthday Age for No Charge